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Audit Representation

An audit can take significant time away from your business and family, requiring you to gather records substantiating every item reported on your tax return. Without full knowledge of your rights and a comprehensive understanding of tax law as it applies to audits, your audit may result in the tax authority recalculating your tax to show that you owe a substantial tax liability.

We can save you time, money and stress by taking care of your audit. We serve as your representative to the tax authorities, and make sure they have the information they are entitled to, while protecting your rights as a taxpayer, and making sure the audit leads to a fair outcome.  Simply forward the notification or tax authority request to us by fax, mail or email, and we will handle the communication and paperwork.

If you have received an audit notice from state or federal tax authorities, please fill out the form below to receive a Free Consultation with our tax specialist.

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