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Non-cash Donations

Donated Goods Valued under $500 (per item)

To claim donated goods such as used clothes, household items and furniture as charitable deductions, you must obtain a dated receipt for each donation, showing the dollar value of the goods. Some charities, such as the Salvation Army, require you to list and value the donated items on a receipt which they will validate. Other charities may prefer to value the items for you. You cannot claim the deduction without a receipt showing the value of the donation. 

Here are Valuation Guides to donated goods from two regional charities:

Big Sisters Donation Value Guide - downloadable PDF

Salvation Army Donated Goods Value Guide - link to an online valuation guide

Donated Goods valued at $500 or More

To claim donated goods or property valued at more than $500, the IRS has established new and stricter rules, which may include appraisals and other documentation.

If you are planning to donate higher value property, please call our office and we will help you determine what documentation you need to claim the donation as a deduction.

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